Software Product Development

We help startups and SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) build their software products and platforms.

Understanding your requirement is at the core of what we do. As a team, we have over 100 man-years of experience working with engineering leaders. We help bridge the talent gap with our Technical Recruitment and Outsourced Development Services.

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Technical Recruitment

Pre-Assessed | Onshore | Offshore

Our expertise is in sourcing, vetting candidates and matching them for your specific needs. And we work with the model best suited to your needs, contract, contract to hire or direct hire.

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Outsourced Development

Our offshore development teams have a track record of working with startups. Our teams help build the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as well as work to scale the platform. Our offshore teams work as an extension of your team using the Agile framework.

From our clients

Our talent pool


Front End Developer

5+ years experience in building web apps for mid stage startups.

San Jose, CA

Top Skills

ReactJS, Node JS, Javasciript, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, My SQL, AWS.

Sample Projects

Worked on multiple Single Page Applications (SPAs) for startups as well progressive apps for enterprise scale companies.

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Sr. Operations Engineer

10+ years experience in media industry

Los Angeles, CA

Top Skills

Perl, Python, PHP, LAMP, MySQL, NodeJS AWS, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Cyber Security

Sample Projects

Digital video asset end to end workflow automation.

Automated solution for graphics creation and data manipulation.

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Full Stack Engineer

10+ years in Microsoft Technologies


Top Skills

.NET, NodeJS, React JS, Angular JS, JQuery, Vue.JS, JSON, Azure DevOps, MS SQL. SDLC

Sample Projects

Senior developer for internal Portal for a global airline handling service management tasks.

Architected solutions using Azure PaaS & MS SQL.

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Data Pipeline & Site Reliability Engineer

15+ years experience in building & operating large data systems.

Mountain View, CA

Top Skills

Kafka, Hbase, Cassandra, Java, Scala as well as AWS & GCP, Kubernetes, Istio, Grafana, Datadog, OpsGenie.

Sample Projects

Built data pipelines for at a late stage startup in security space.

Cloud engineering on GCP integrating multiple solutions as site reliability engineering.

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Sr. Software Engineer

10+ years experience multiple industries

Los Angeles, CA

Top skills

Java, Spring, Hibernate, JSF, J2EE.

Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices

Sample Projects

Built back-end for Large Brand ecommerce and financial services companies.

Worked as Lead Software Engineer/ Architect.

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Smartscreen process

We work to consistently meet and exceed client expectations. We do that by using our 4 steps SmartScreen, as outlined below. We follow this process rigorously, so we can present the best matching candidate, faster.


We recognize that every requirement is unique. We keep that in mind as we engage and spend time understanding what you need.

Company culture, team dynamics and your personal working style as hiring manager all come into play. We believe all these define what you are looking for in the ideal candidate. It’s not just the tech. skills.

We have a structured questionnaire to understand the full picture before we get to work for you.

Diverse smart sourcing

We source from known platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow. However, we go beyond these and use other niche platforms to find passive talented candidates.

And we leverage the network built by our team with their decades of experience.

Soft assessment

We invest time and effort in interviewing candidates to understand their motivations and work attitude.

We assess candidates for core soft skills including communication, collaboration, problem solving and leadership qualities.

Tech assessment

We use a combination of online platforms as well as experts to assess technical aptitude.

This includes basic algorithms, data structures and systems knowledge assessment. Followed by domain specific language skills assessment. In addition, we also use scenario-based project assessments as required.

How we help

Background, platform comes with 465 pre-built, drag-n-drop components including popular from enterprise connectors. This middleware provides the simplest way to prototype and deploy digital solutions 10x faster.

Iterate saw an upswing in activity during the Covid-19 crisis. Their clients rushed to adapt digital transformation initiatives and needed Iterate to move fast. This resulted in an urgent need to get experienced full stack engineers with great communication skills.

Given our relationship and understanding of Iterate, we were able to get to work quickly & meet their requirements.

Ken Morris
Chordify Managing Partner

Quick hiring for projects in flight

Chordify helped hire proven developers who hit the ground running. Their screening process gave us confidence that we were getting the right candidates.

We ended up on boarding a team of Full Stack Developers in a very short time. Open requirement to on boarding for each of them was less than 5 working days. Their seamless support and process kept us well ahead of our plans!

Brian Sathianathan
Brian Sathianathan
Co Founder & CTO,
Long standing open positions

Chordify understands and adapts to our culture instead of trying to change our culture. They understand our needs and how we go about doing things, and they are flexible to adapt to that.

They have been able to provide TOP Talent. We have had a very pleasant and professional business relationship with Chordify and will continue to utilize them as we grow our organization.

Fortune 500, Energy Sector Client
Hiring manager, Fortune 500, Energy Sector Client

Our client, a Fortune 500 energy company was looking for leadership talent to head their analytics practice. As a Fortune 500 company, they had a fully capable hiring team and qualified vendors to help them.

However, despite their best efforts the position had remained open for over 3 months. As we engaged and understood the challenges, they were facing we realized a potential disconnect.

“Getting top quality Bay Area analytics leaders to consider this, energy sector role needed explaining the role potential and impact. Our realization & subsequent focus on this aspect helped us find the right match.”

Ken Morris
Chordify Managing Partner

Roles we specialize in