Mentour AviationVR Apps

Petter Hornfeldt, a training captain with a reputed European airline.

He has a YouTube channel Mentour Pilot, dedicated to coaching future pilots using cockpit training videos inside the Boeing 737-800.

Our Challenge is:

To Build a mobile application where an admin can upload 360 degree videos though a portal and public user can download and view them on iOS and Android platforms.

TA’s Solution 
Using our proprietary framework VR-MagicView, the Mentour Aviation app was designed to view 360॰ videos through the Google Cardboard and also through your smartphone. The web portal allows the admin to upload videos, add descriptions and sort all these into categories. The videos to be put up for in-app purchase and their pricing can be assigned, and YouTube vlogs can be linked to the app easily.
Tools and Technology 
  • Virtual reality
  • Firebase
  • AVplayer
  • VR-MagicView
  • In-App Purchase
  • iOS
  • Android Studio.
  • The app features a VR menu using which you can continue watching videos without taking your headsets off.
  • It lets you choose the type of video you want to download(4K, HD or Full HD).
  • A Chat menu where you can communicate with other aviation enthusiasts and with the Mentour
  • Pilots themselves.
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