HVAC Temperature Monitoring SystemInternet Of Things

Our customer is a team of HVAC consultants based in Texas.

They needed a product to be developed that could remotely monitor and report the key parameters of cooling and heating systems in real time.

Alerts can be set based on the recorded data for preventive maintenance or service calls.

Once the key parameters are recorded, analysis can be performed on the recorded data to report the current condition of the system and conduct analysis of the problems discovered.

The measurement system hardware with various sensors connected to a gateway device was developed by the customer.

Travancore Analytics developed the gateway software that would send the sensor data to a server on AWS cloud.

We also developed the web application to extract and monitor data regularly.

The data are sent in packets as MQTT messages.

An MQTT broker based on Ponte Server (https://www.eclipse.org/ponte/ ) is configured on AWS.

A server application developed in Node.js listens to the messages and extracts the real time data to be stored in database.

The web clients access the data and provide real-time displays.