Chordify has built partnerships to help deliver value to our clients as we engage in the Start-up & early stage ecosystem.

Offshore Product Development

Travancore Analytics (TeamTA) is a boutique IT services firm working with clients since 2007.

TeamTA brings deep domain expertise in the areas of:-

  • Web & Mobile Application Development.
  • VR /AR Enablement.
  • Software Product Development.

TeamTA serves customers around the globe in verticals such as Industrial, Healthcare, Financial, Media, Sports, Education and many more.

Bay Area DevOps Expertise

Garvoo is a California based company providing a proven platform & services for IT Cloud Infrastructure requirements.

The Garvoo team has 20+ years of experience in building large scale Cloud infrastructure for some of the leading names like Akamai, Speedera as well as Startups.

Garvoo has been the partner for startups like SkyHigh through their early stage to their acquisition by McAfee in 2017 for an estimated $400 Million.

Garvoo can help you with

  • Technology Ops as a Service:
  • Platform as a Service:
  • Data Science Platform:
  • Advanced Desktop Support:

Analytics & Reporting

BDB Decision Platform is an end-to-end Data Analytics Platform that consumes data from streaming, structured, unstructured data sources such as Blockchain, IOT, Documents & Social Media.

This microservices architecture based modern platform can be integrated with popular business applications to provide embedded analytics flow.

It has elements of Augmented Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP with high-end Visualization. All layers of users can use this product in an organization like CXOs, Citizen Data Scientists, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Business Users.

It has elements of Data Wrangling, Data Preparation, Data Cleansing, Data Transformation, and Load. It has exclusive visualization layer consisting Self-service BI (enhanced by AI-based Search) and Analytics Dashboards accessible on mobile devices.