Our client engagement approach is based on three words Listen, Understand, Act. An approach which has stood the test of multiple engagements over the years and helped our clients accomplish their objectives.

GoTo Market planning

BDB is a Decision Platform that has Big Data Pipeline framework to handle Streaming, Structured, and Unstructured data. The platform helps integrate data and analytics for enterprise customers.

Chordify engaged with the CXO team from an early stage to help them develop their goto market strategy and implement the same. Chordify was helped BDB acquire their first enterprise customer and multi million Dollar contract.

Product Development

Ovalpath, Inc. develops software products that optimize mobile field operations. It has been subsequently acquired by Curtiss Wright.

Chordify helped Ovalpath develop their product with an offshore team. In addition Chordify helped Ovalpath staff their onsite implementation / professional services team.

Analytics Talent Acquisition

As Schlumberger looked to build its nascent analytics team it was faced with a challenge in attracting talent.

Chordify was able to help Schlumberger identify & hire its senior data science team from its network.

Talent Acquisition - App Development

As part of their data driven initiative Target was looking to expand its team in the Bay Area & Mid West.

Chordify was able to help Target get started faster by providing mid level data analysts.

GoTo Market for SaaS company

Yonyx is a SaaS platform provider for Interactive Decision Trees for Call Centers, Business Process based Applications & Customer Self Service.

Chordify helped the Yonyx CXO team to streamline and focus on their target market. It helped in significantly increase conversions in the first 3 months of the engagement.

Talent Acquisition is a technology platform that helps enterprises rapidly test and deploy new ideas, technologies and business models.

As Iterate looked to accelerate their product development efforts, Chordify helped them recruit their key team members and get them off the ground.

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