Android Client Interfacefor IoT based Home Automation System

Our customer makes devices for home equipment control and automation.

Various control devices like switches and relays are connected over an RF network with a master control device that also acts as a gateway server.

Sensors to make various measurements like temperature, motion, etc., are also connected to the same wireless network.

The local data transfer uses a proprietary communication protocol.

The Master Control Device is connected to an MQTT Broker running on an AWS Server.

Travancore Analytics developed an Android application that communicates with the system using MQTT messages. It receives data from the system and issues commands to the system.

The Android app receives data from various sensors through MQTT and provides real time display.

The user can also issue commands to operate various devices. The app can be used within the home network as well as outside using internet.

The app works both by connecting to the internal network as well by connecting from outside through a cloud server, based on Amazon. The cloud server module acts as a bridge that routes commands to and from the Master Control Device.

The app provides additional features like creating sequences of actions (called profiles) that can be executed from a single click. For example, a set off lamps may have to be turned off and some turned on before the user goes to sleep. This can be created as a night profile. Similarly a different profile can be set for the day time.