About Us

What set's us Apart

We understand hiring is a full team sport, it involves multiple members of your engineering, product and HR team. And sending you resumes without doing our part is a waste of your effort and time. We have built our Smart Screen process to make sure we get quality matched candidates for you.


Active & Passive Candidates Sourcing

Pre-Assessed Candidates Only

Flexibility & Easy to Work

Onshore & OffShore

Fees – negotiable

Faster Quality Matches

Typical Staffing Company

Limited Requirement Understanding

Mostly Active Candidates Only 

No Assessment

Rigid Process

Mostly Onshore Only 

Fees – rigid 

Partial Matches 

How we fit in

Finding talent takes a multi pronged approach. And depending on the stage of your organization we understand you have multiple initiatives in place. We fit it and completent your existing initiatives to keep your overall goals on track.

Angel Funded Startups
VC Funded Startups
Enterprise Scale Sourcing


  • Ken Morris

    Managing Partner, Business Development

    Ken is a business development & relationship management professional. He has worked closely with multiple SF Bay area startups, helping them build their onshore & offshore engineering teams.

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  • Varun Berry

    Managing Partner , Operations

    Varun is an accomplished professional with more than 2 decades of experience in HR, Talent Acquisition and Staffing Programs working with software engineers and product managers.

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  • Anastasiya Tomchenko

    Head of Talent

    With a passion for acquiring talent and making a positive impact on each person she meets, Anastasiya believes that a top-quality service yields the most satisfying long-term returns.

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  • Supriyo Sanyal

    Managing Partner, Strategy

    Supriyo has over two decades of product & program management experience working with engineering & business teams.

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  • Maria Pienaar

    Maria is a Board Director, Investor and Product Leader who drives company growth by speeding up innovation and opening new global markets. Maria co-founded Blue Label Ventures, a Corporate VC focusing on investments in Digital Health, IoT, Cyber Security, Fintech and Enterprise IT services. She has held leadership roles in at Cell C, Lucent, Nokia, Vodafone, Globalstar, and various startups. Maria earned her BSc in Electrical Engineering from Pretoria University, South Africa.

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